Xbox One X Is A Game Changer For All Xbox Gamers

Microsoft may have just done something that may change gaming forever. And nobody is really talking about it but it’s a huge deal for Xbox gamers.

An end to console generations. 

Now, with all the talk of power and 4K gaming surrounding the new Xbox One X gamers might have missed an important announcement. The Xbox One X will play games across multiple generations. We’re not talking about simple backwards compatibility, we’re talking about taking your games with you from the original Xbox to Xbox One X and beyond.

Not only will the Xbox One X play Xbox One games, but it’ll play Xbox 360 games and even original Xbox games. As a matter of fact, the Xbox One X will even recognize the gaming discs you already own! The Xbox One X will also make your games look and play better and it is also compatible with all Xbox One gaming accessories.

Currently backwards compatibility is a hot button topic right now. But there is no arguing against Xbox backwards compatibility when the feature is free! The point of all this is becoming quite clear the more you think about it. Microsoft wants Xbox to be the new iPhone.

I know this sounds like a stretch but think about it. When the next Xbox (we’ll just call it NextBox from here on) console launches, imagine if it is compatible with all Xbox One games, Xbox 360 games, and original Xbox games.

Now imagine gamers who at that time still own an Xbox One or One S. They can then have the option to jump to the Xbox One X since it will be discounted or skip ahead to the new NextBox console. And no matter where you end up, all your games and possibly your gaming accessories will follow you.

Xbox consoles

Eventually there will come a point where owners of the older consoles will no longer be able to play the more advanced games due to hardware limitations. But this is how it works with PC gaming and smartphones as well. You simply upgrade. You aren’t forced to buy the latest phone or gaming PC, you can simply purchase something a bit better that will run the latest software.

And most likely by that time the NextBox console comes out most Xbox One owners will have or be in the process of migrating to the Xbox One X if they can’t afford the NextBox when it launches.

There is also the scenario where the NextBox is just another more powerful Xbox (like One X) so all games end up working across Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and NextBox. In this situation gamers will have plenty of choice as to what they want in terms of power and no matter what platform they choose, all their games will work.

Maybe this is what Microsoft has meant by gaming across generations. We’re already there with the Xbox One X as you can play games all the way back to the original Xbox.

B.M. Garrett

B.M. Garrett

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B.M. Garrett


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