How to Become a Contributor to The Gizmo Life

Writing for The Gizmo Life

Does The Gizmo Life accept Contributors?

Yes we do but it is on a case by case basis. If you’re interested in writing about anything related to Video Games (Gaming), Gadgets or Tech then feel free to contact us. To learn more about what we do see our about us page.

Note: The Gizmo Life is only looking for native English writers only.

Why write for us?

Although your writing contribution is a non-paying opportunity, it doesn’t mean your contribution will go unseen. We have over 21k real Facebook followers on our Fan Page and our site traffic is growing exponentially every month.

You should write for The Gizmo Life for the following reasons:

  • Help build up your portfolio
  • Have your articles seen by our large audience
  • You want to have your name attached to your work
  • You are looking to gain some writing experience

We want to be able to get your work out in front of as many readers as possible. We do this by promoting your work on various sites such as Reddit,, StumbleUpon, and of course Facebook. If you’d like to remain an anonymous contributor or have an Author Bio attached to your work the choice is yours.

What we look for from a Contributor post

When it comes to contributing to The Gizmo Life, we’d like to see the following (Article link examples provided):

Expert advice on topics – How Video Games Are Changing Education

How-to Guides  – How to Fix an Xbox One That Won’t Turn On

List posts – Star Wars Battlefront II: 15 Heroes and Villains EA Needs to Include

Opinion pieces – 7 Reasons Why Gamers Support DLC and Season Passes

How to be considered

All you need to do is go to our contact page and send a message with your name, your credentials, your idea(s) and include links to relevant writing samples if you have them. If it turns out that you don’t hear back from us, we have decided to pass on your proposal.

What else you need to know

All the work that you contribute to the Gizmo Life website will be the property of This means that all content rights will belong to us. We will also edit your contribution to fit our style and needs. So things like headlines, photos, and editing of the post will be done by us.

You can always refer potential clients to the content on our site so they can see your work.