Super Mario Odyssey Gets New Trailer, Release Date During E3 Show

During their E3 event, Nintendo showcased a few titles featuring Mario. To cap off their show, though, (pun intended) they gave us a brand new look at Super Mario Odyssey. The trailer that was shown also revealed the game’s release date to be October 27 this year.

The video began with Mario possessing a T-rex via his new pal Cappy and it only got more wild from there. Nintendo treated us to a montage of worlds and environments we’ll get to visit in the game. From the sprawling metropolis of New Donk City to a desert laden with towering ice crystals to a lush green savannah, and even to the moon, the game appears to offer a variety of colorful and diverse places to visit.

Mario spent the majority of the trailer whipping Cappy (his hat imbued with life) around like a seasoned haberdasher. He can use the cap to assume control over various creatures, like the aforementioned T-Rex. He also used it on an unsuspecting frog, a Goomba, and several other of Mario’s classic cast of critters.

Bowser is, of course, present in the sandbox open world of Super Mario Odyssey. He’s sporting a rather dapper white coat and matching top hat with a life of its own. Cappy needs a nemesis too, it seems. One last note about Cappy, Mario can toss him out to be used as a new platform to reach previously inaccessible places.

Super Mario Odyssey is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. You can pre-order the game right now.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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