Rumor: Zelda Coming to Mobile in 2018

It wasn’t too long ago that people thought they’d never see Nintendo making original titles on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. Skip to today and you have a number of excellent games to play. The likes of Pokemon Go, Fire Emblem: Heroes, and Super Mario Run have proven that no other company can match Nintendo when it comes to their roster of beloved intellectual properties and knack for good game design.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the legendary game company is now bringing perhaps their biggest franchise to smartphones in 2018. WSJ claims that trustworthy sources have confirmed that a Legend of Zelda mobile title is in the works. The report also says that an Animal Crossing mobile title is releasing later this year, and both these two titles are being made with the help of DeNA.

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You can see the complete report by WSJ here, though you need a subscription to read it. Considering the millions of downloads Nintendo has received across the few mobile titles on the market right now, it’s very likely that Zelda and other big IPs are coming soon as well. We’ll just have to wait for the Big N to confirm it themselves— hopefully at this upcoming E3.

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