Owlboy Coming to Switch in Japan

In the latest episode of “Nyannyan Cat Mario”, Nintendo Japan showed off a host of exciting indie games launching on the Nintendo Switch. While almost all of the titles had already been confirmed before, a nice surprise is the addition of Owlboy in the trailer. Its inclusion means Owlboy will be landing on Nintendo Switch in Japan and most likely the rest of the world as well.

(Skip to 6:30 to see Owlboy)

Owlboy is a 2D Metroidvania-style adventure that blew gamers away last year when it released on Steam. The platformer nine years in the making impressed us with its charming world and memorable story. Though no release date was confirmed for the Japanese version, it’s only a matter of time befor Switch owners in the West will be able to play this fantastic indie title on Nintendo’s latest console.

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Miguel Vidaure

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