Nioh: Dragon of the North Launches May 2

All you samurai craving for more Nioh action will be happy to know that the next DLC for Team Ninja’s successful action-RPG will be available on May 2. The news was shared via a PlayStation Blog post detailing the plot and setting for the new chapter titled Dragon of the North.

The DLC kicks off after William’s triumphant victory and takes place in the region of Oshu. A ruler named Masamune Date (or “One-Eyed Dragon”) is rumored to be collecting spirit stones in hopes of proving himself superior to men and William as well.

nioh dlc 2

Players who check out this new chapter can look forward to a bunch of new content. This includes a new ninja skills, magic, armor, and Guardian Spirits. A new weapon called Odachi is also introduced, as well as new Yokai enemies and highly anticipated PvP feature.

Nioh was released this last February only for PlayStation 4. It received near-perfect reviews from every major outlet for its intense combat, satisfying difficulty, and interesting setting, making it a must-play 2017 title for PS4 owners.

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