Nintendo Announces Battery Grips and New Color for Joy-Cons

Proprietary peripherals are sort of Nintendo’s jam. They love it. And many of you love what they put out. Here’s some more stuff to love. Over on their official Twitter, Nintendo announced that the Joy-Con controller family would be adding a new, colorful member into the fold. Thus increasing the amount of the top Nintendo Switch accessories gamers can choose from.

Nintendo revealed the new pigment, which they refer to as “Neon Yellow,” as part of a promotion which coincides with the launch of their new game, ARMS. The fighting game features combat using a variety of interchangeable, extendable arms that leverage the motion sensors in Joy-Con controllers to land blows.

The company also showed off a pair of detachable battery grip accessories. The new grips require a set of AA batteries to function, but will allow users to take advantage of extended gaming sessions.

The new sunny Joy-Cons will most likely sell for the same price as the standard controllers. That’s $80 USD for a pair, or $50 USD individually. Considering that you essentially need both Joy-Cons to run most games, the $80 price tag for the controllers is a little on the steep side.

As of now, there is no price set for the new battery packs. We do know when you can pick them up, though. Both the neon yellow Joy-Cons and the battery grips are set to arrive on June 16.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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