The Next Metal Gear Pushed to 2018

The first title in the iconic Metal Gear series that is not helmed by series creator Hideo Kojima has been delayed until 2018. A Konami representative has confirmed the push to 2018 at E3 2017 in order to continue polishing the project.

Metal Gear Survive was revealed back in August 2016 during Gamescome but received a negative reaction due to the lack of the stealth and espionage action that has made the series popular. Instead, Metal Gear Survive will be an action-focused spin off where players face zombie-like enemies together.

Although many felt the initial reveal made Survive look generic and uninspired, it’s not the only reason it received a bad response. The drama between Konami and series creator Hideo Kojima has certainly left fans of the franchise with a bad taste in their mouth when looking at the future of the franchise. It also didn’t help when Kojima said the following during Tokyo Game Show 2016, which Konami claimed was one of many ways Kojima is trying to ruin their reputation.

“I know absolutely nothing about it. That’s because it’s totally unrelated to me, right? Um, how should I put this? Well, for me, Metal [Gear] is espionage with political fiction. Right? So, because of that, there’s no reason that zombies would show up.”

Metal Gear Survive will release early 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC— a Switch version at this point is very unlikely. A playable demo of the multiplayer mode was available on the Konami show floor this E3.

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