New Days Gone Gameplay Showcased at the PlayStation E3 Conference

During the PlayStation press conference at E3, Sony chose to spend nearly the entire presentation showing games, rather than opting for lengthy periods of talking. Before anyone even stepped on stage, a few games were showcased, one of which was Days Gone.

Sony revealed a new trailer for the game, which went over some of the story and moment to moment gameplay you can expect when playing Days Gone. Deacon St. John, played by Sam Witwer, is roped into rescuing a fellow biker buddy who has gotten himself into a bit of a scrape.

Initially hesitant, Deacon nevertheless agrees to track him down. He takes to the open road on his hog for a spell before coming upon a pack of ravenous wolves feasting on a corpse. Choosing to bypass the encounter, Deacon rides on, but wolves give chase.

Just as he outpaces the canines, Deacon finds himself knocked off his bike and forced to fend off a few thugs. The combat is visceral and intimate, which is reminiscent of The Last of Us (unfortunately a no-show at the conference).

After spotting his pal’s bike, Deacon makes for the woods, which is when we run into hordes of Freakers, the game’s take on rage-zombies. He makes his way toward a camp, where his friend is being beaten.

This is where some of the game’s stealth mechanics are highlighted. You’re able to lure opponents to traps or distract them to avoid combat entirely. The same goes for Freakers; you’ll probably want to steer clear of them unless you’re loaded for bear.

The trailer ends with a rather perturbed looking Grizzly coiled in barbed wire with an axe protruding from his back. On a final note, we still don’t know when the game is scheduled for release. We’ll have to wait and see if anything gets announced in the days ahead.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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