Namco Museum Arrives on Nintendo Switch July 28th

Gamers have had a many ways to play some of Namco’s classic titles from the 1980s and early 1990s via Namco Museum. The series first arrived on PlayStation but has spanned almost every other gaming device, from N64 and PS2 to PC and Xbox 360.

On July 28th, Nintendo Switch owners will finally get a chance to play their favorite Namco gems. The collection will include:

  • Pac-Man (1980)
  • Galaga (1981)
  • Dig Dug (1982)
  • The Tower of Druaga (1984)
  • Sky Kid (1985)
  • Rolling Thunder (1986)
  • Galaga ’88 (1987)
  • Splatterhouse (1988)
  • Rolling Thunder 2 (1990)
  • Tank Force (1991)
  • Pac-Man VS (2003)

The highlight of the collection is PAC-MAN VS., which was co-developed with Nintendo in 2003 under the supervision of none other than Shigeru Miyamoto. It offers a fun, unique approach to PAC-MAN by letting three players work together as ghosts while the fourth player controls PAC-MAN.

Namco Museum will launch with the fair price tag of $29.99.

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