Microsoft Could Unveil Surface Book 2 Later This Month

Microsoft appears to be gearing up to unveil their new Surface Book 2 laptop computer. The news comes via DigiTimes, who acquired the information from sources who are “from the related upstream supply chain.” If accurate, the announcement is probably going to come around the end of March, or perhaps early to mid April.

Interestingly, Microsoft may be abandoning the removable tablet feature of the Surface Book, in favor of a more traditional clamshell design. Whether or not this will play a factor in the cost of the laptop is debatable. However, the sources indicate that the price will be lower to start than previous iterations.

The sources also say that the product will still have a magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis, as well as the 13.5-inch display. It’s also believed that the Surface Book will retail for around $1,000, which is considerably lower than even the newly discounted $1,299 price tag of the current model.

Microsoft apparently had problems with how to market the tablet design of the Surface Book. Additionally, the drastic reduction in price (again, according to the sources) is attributable to the higher cost of the existing Surface Books, which has subsequently limited demand. They estimate no more than 500,000 units were shipped in 2016.

DigiTimes doesn’t have the smoothest track record with forecasts like these, but they’ve been right before. It’s probably best to take this information with a grain of salt.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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