Microsoft & Nintendo Mentioned Most During E3 2017

E3 is over, which means we’ll have to wait another year for this incredible event to come again. But thanks to social networking analysts Synthesos, we can see who created the most online buzz during E3 2017. Despite plenty of amazing games making a presence, the answer reveals that new hardware is a good way to draw attention.

Out of all the big names at E3, Microsoft raked in the most online mentions (25.33%). Phil Spencer and co. drew more reactions, both positive and negative, than anyone else by talking about the Xbox One X, including the reveal of its official name and price tag.

xbox one x

A close second was Nintendo (24.11%) who nearly stole the show by delivering a few surprise announcements, including two Metroid titles. However, it was the Switch itself along with anticipated title Super Mario Odyssey that were mentioned more.

For a better look at the numbers, check out the breakdown provided by Game Informer here.

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