Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC Likely Cancelled After All

Alright; sometimes even hoaxes can end up being pretty accurate, it seems. Yesterday, many sites (not ours, fortunately) fell victim to a well-executed story about DLC for Mass Effect: Andromeda being canceled thanks to some unfavorable reviews and one memetic apocalypse. In the end, the multifaceted report proved entirely fabricated. Here’s the kicker; while that story was confirmed to be fake, it turns out that the pranksters responsible called it right.

Speaking with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, three individuals who are privy to BioWare’s plans have reported that Andromeda won’t be getting any single-player DLC after all. Up until now, single-player story add-ons in the Mass Effect series were a foregone conclusion.

If accurate, this will mark the first time a Mass Effect title doesn’t receive any additional single-player content. It’s a shame, really, since the second game’s Lair of the Shadow Broker and the third’s long goodbye, Citadel, were some of the most highly regarded expansions of all time.

The prospect of getting some single-player DLC has been touch-and-go for a while now. Since we learned that BioWare repurposed most of their Montreal team, the idea of getting a meaty addition to the story of Andromeda appeared far less likely.

Schreier is credited with getting to the core of what went wrong during BioWare’s development of Andromeda. Since he cracked that nut, he remained suspicious that DLC for the game would be coming. So, he reportedly spent the past few weeks reaching out to “sources familiar with the company’s plans, all of whom spoke anonymously so as not to jeopardize their careers.”

It’s worth noting that BioWare hasn’t made any official statement about their plans yet. Although, I personally expect that one is imminent, thanks largely to how much attention has been drawn to the subject over the past couple days. Still, it’s still entirely possible that the developers can change their minds.

BioWare didn’t respond to any of Schreier’s attempts to contact them over the past couple weeks. As he points out, this is unfortunate news for fans of the franchise. Andromeda left a lot on the table, and it seems increasingly likely that most of that stuff will never be resolved. At this point, Andromeda may be the first and only time the series visits that sector of space.

Following yesterday’s now-debunked Facebook post by a group calling themselves Sinclair Networks, developers at BioWare took to Twitter to refute their claims. “While we can’t talk about future yet, I can def say we build our own dlc/patches for our games and don’t hire fake companies to do so,” stated Fernando Melo, a producer at BioWare.

If anything new about Mass Effect: Andromeda’s DLC pops up, we’ll be sure to keep you looped in.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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