Huge No Man’s Sky Update Out Now

Hello Games has just released a much requested No Man’s Sky update on both PC and PlayStation 4. The free update, titled the Path Finder update, adds a host of new features and graphical improvements to the game. This means 4k support for players on both PC and on PS4 Pro.

This update comes after the release of the Foundation update, which launched late last year. The trailer below shows some of the new features and vehicles that are available once you update your game with Path Finder.


The Path Finder update is oozing with so many new features that it’s easy to get lost in them. Some of these features include: traders, new vehicles, race tracks, more music, photo mode (always a nice feature), and more. Some of these features were expected at launch by some gamers, so it’s nice to see them implemented into the game for free.

Huge No Man's Sky Update Out Now

No Man’s Sky was met with varied responses when it launched, including positive and negative extremes. It’s nice to see that Hello Games is committed to their game despite the mixed responses it received. The game can only get better from this point on, as more updates were teased in the trailer.

Check out the official breakdown of all the new features that have been implemented on the official website here.

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