Hori Xbox One Fighting Commander Releases May 31

In our article for the top Xbox One controllers we listed the Hori Xbox One Fighting Commander as something you should consider buying. Well, 2D fighting fans will be happy to know that soon enough they’ll be able to get their hands on the officially licensed Hori Xbox One Fighting Commander for themselves.

According to the updated product page for the Xbox One Fighting Commander, the controller will release on May 31 of this year. The updated product page also sports some additional images and you can pre-order the Xbox One Fighting Commander right now.

Hori Xbox One Fighting Commander

Here’s a brief breakdown of the Hori Xbox One Fighting Commander:

  • Officially Licensed by Microsoft
  • Designed for 2D fighting games with 6-button layout
  • Custom input settings
  • Wired controller for instant response

The Xbox One Fighting Commander comes with a 10-foot cable and is also compatible with both the PC (through Xinput) and the Xbox 360.

B.M. Garrett

B.M. Garrett

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B.M. Garrett
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