Here’s How Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Microtransaction and Customization Systems Will Work

During their presentation at E3, EA revealed that all post-launch content for Star Wars Battlefront 2 is going to be free. Since they’re not charging for it, their plan is to allow players to pay in order expedite the process of unlocking new items. Details were scarce on-stage, but thanks to YouTube channel BattlefrontUpdates, we have a series of new videos which cover what to expect from the microtransaction system.

If you’ve had the opportunity to play games like Overwatch or Halo 5, the unlock system in Battlefront 2 will look immediately familiar. Progress in Battlefront 2 is achieved through the unlocking of crates. You’ll automatically earn credits as you play the game, which can then be spent to purchase said crates. If the process proves too slow for your taste, you will have to option to buy more crates with real money.

For the most part, crates contain Star Cards, crafting materials, and the occasional payout of additional credits. At least, that was the case in the Alpha gameplay shown off in the video.

Star Cards in Battlefront 2 vary in terms of rarity and the bonuses they provide. Meanwhile, crafting materials are used to upgrade the tier of Star Cards you own. Duplicate cards will be converted to crafting parts automatically.

EA now believes that offering new maps, characters, weapons, and vehicles for free ensures that players won’t be splintered off into smaller and smaller groups as new content becomes available. It also prevents situations where players are prohibited from joining certain lobbies because they never bought the right DLC, as is currently the case with Battlefield 1.

“I think the main thing here is to keep the community together,” said Battlefront 2’s Design Director, Niklas Fegraeus, when speaking to Gamespot at E3. “In terms of the brand, to me, when it comes to Star Wars, that’s a family feeling. If you’re a fan, you’re a part of the family. And splitting that up and saying, ‘If you have this content you can play here, but if you have this content you can play here.’ And if you don’t share, you will be split up. What we wanted to do was have a journey that starts at the launch of the game. So when the game launches, this journey starts with different seasons [of DLC].”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches on November 17. DICE plans to release the first season of free DLC in December. It’ll be themed around the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There’s going to be a multiplayer Beta that players can access sometime before the game releases, but we don’t have an exact date as of yet. We’ll keep you posted.

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