The TL;DR Version of Everything We Know About Destiny 2

Since yesterday’s big reveal, a steady torrent of information about Destiny 2 has been flooding in. We’ve nearly learned enough about the game that we can really begin to suss out how it’s going to shape up. Time is precious, however, so here’s the abridged version of everything we know so far.

The single-player and story:

Destiny 2 begins with the sacking of The Last City by the Cabal’s Red Legion. Led by Dominus Ghaul, they aim to claim the Traveler’s light for themselves, which would sever Guardians’ connection to the light.

Your Destiny progress:

The sequel is meant to be a fresh jumping-off point for new players and old alike. The destruction of The Last City and Guardians being cut off from the source of their power means that you will effectively be starting from scratch.

Weapon slots:

The three weapon slots have been repurposed to support a single kinetic weapon, energy weapon, and power weapon. This means that if you have two shotguns (one kinetic and the other energy) you can equip both at the same time. Heavy power weapons function mostly the same as before.

Abilities and Supers:

Warlocks will have access to the new Dawnblade skillset. Their Super summons a flaming sword fueled by the Sun. Titan Sentinels call forth an ethereal shield. They can use it to defend, tackle opponents, or throw, a la Captain America. Hunters assume the mantle of Arcstriders. They wield a mystical staff which banks on their athleticism to get the job done.

New locations:

Destiny 2 will explore even the far reaches of our Solar system. Early in the game, players will visit the European Deadzone on Earth. You’ll get to check out the methane oceans of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Jupiter’s moon, Io, was the final place the Traveler touched and is shrouded in mystery. Beyond Pluto, the Vex have corrupted Nessus into a twisting, grinding, machine world.

Travel and navigation:

Jumping to new locations and activating missions will be much easier in Destiny 2. You’ll no longer have to first go to orbit to travel to a new location. There will finally be an in-game map as well. It’ll show the place and time of activities.

New activities:

NPCs with stories will have side-missions to offer players. There’ll also be new treasure maps to find which lead to hidden loot. New Lost Sectors are dungeons housing locked caches of loot and a boss that holds the key.

Release platforms:

Destiny 2 will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and this time around, PC through There are reports that the PC version will arrive a little later than the console versions. PC framerates will be unlocked, but consoles, regardless of tier, will be locked at 30 fps. PS4 players will have early access to certain content; same as before. Bungie has no plans for a Switch version.

The multiplayer:

Matchtypes across the board have been scaled back from 6v6 to 4v4. The HUD has been tweaked to display more information that matters to the player, including whether an opponent’s Super is ready or if they’ve picked up Power ammo. There’ll be a bunch of new maps and game modes, including an attack/defend gametype, called Countdown. Like the first game, Destiny 2 won’t have dedicated servers—even on PC.

New Clan and Guided Games systems:

Cooperative play will be easier to manage in the sequel. Clans will allow players to more easily facilitate activities and offer rewards for being members. Guided Games will allow solo players to temporarily align themselves with Clans to accomplish objectives.


Destiny’s Trials of Osiris were some of the best experiences of the first game. The sequel will feature a trials kind of experience “way before” Trials of Osiris ends up coming back. Bungie’s Director, Luke Smith, stated that he “can’t imagine shipping Destiny 2 and not having a Trials-like experience there very soon.”

That’s pretty much everything we’ve learned since the reveal event. If anything new crops up, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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