Destiny 2 Multiplayer Details Are Here

It’s been a big day for Bungie. A lot of new information was revealed over the course of their official gameplay premiere for Destiny 2. We’ve covered the new info about the game’s single-player story, as well as new features like in-game Clans and Guided Games. Beyond all that, Bungie also went over what we can expect from the multiplayer in Destiny 2.

Destiny’s Crucible gameplay proved frenetic, fun, and sometimes frustrating (shotgun slide, anyone?) Some of the latter was due to the balance between weapons and abilities, though Bungie did an admirable job maintaining it. On the occasions when the gameplay felt less fun, the number of players per match could be another contributing factor.

To fix this, Bungie is aiming for a more intimate multiplayer experience in Destiny 2. Across the board, Crucible matches have been scaled back to four players per team. 6 vs. 6 matches aren’t huge by any stretch of the imagination. The smaller maps and narrower corridors in Destiny meant that things could get a little crowded and chaotic, however.

The player’s HUD has been rejiggered too. More pertinent information will be immediately apparent. For example, you’ll be able to tell when a player has just gained access to their Super ability, or if they’ve picked up ammo for their power weapon.

The Crucible will have a whole bunch of new maps for wrecking face and will feature some new modes on top of that. One of them is called Countdown, which is the first attack/defend gametype for the series.

Co-op modes have also received some love. Thanks to the previously mentioned Clan system and the new Guided Games feature, it’ll be far easier to find a group for things like Strikes, Raids, and Trials. Solo players who maybe don’t have a bunch of friends playing the game can find what they’re looking for in a group, then part ways immediately afterward.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to release on September 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders are available as of now and you’ll gain early access to the game’s Beta when it becomes available if you do.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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