Destiny 2 Logo Revealed – This Time, by Bungie

Bungie has finally officially unveiled the logo for Destiny 2 via the company’s Twitter account. This comes after a series of leaks which dropped more than a few hints about the game.

recent slip-up from an Italian retailer, for example, showcased poster art for the game. The images contained information about early Beta access for PS4 gamers. The same logo made an appearance on the poster, thereby confirming the images were not faked.

This means that we can expect an official reveal (probably at E3) confirming a September release date for Destiny 2. The same goes for the rumored early Beta access for PS4 owners this summer.

Bungie has indicated that Destiny 2 will place much more emphasis on telling a “great cinematic story.” Players often criticized the original game for its virtually nonexistent story and cobbled together mission structure.

The developer made great strides in that area with the release of their anniversary expansion Destiny: The Taken King. The expansion introduced sweeping changes to the way the character progression and loot systems functioned. Its focus on telling a cohesive story was so well received that it had lapsed players returning in droves to experience the new content.

With the greater focus on narrative in mind, Bungie has stated that character progression won’t be carried over to Destiny 2. Rather than transferring all of your gear and stats, the company wants to preserve your relationship with your character. That sounds like it doesn’t account for much, other than your character’s appearance, perhaps.

We’ll likely have all the details by the time E3 rolls around. Also, if the original Destiny is any indication, we can expect to be playing the Beta right around then as well.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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