Destiny 2 Gameplay and Story Details Revealed

Bungie’s big gameplay reveal for Destiny 2 has finally arrived. During the presentation, a whole bunch of new information that covers just about every aspect of the game was unveiled. Along with new story details and improved system mechanics, they also showed off several lengthy sequences of the game in action.

The first bit of gameplay Bungie showcased gave us a look at the Cabal’s invasion of The Last City. The first story mission tasks players with navigating The Tower as hordes of Red Legion soldiers crash down from above in orb-shaped drop pods.

The conflict sets the stage for Destiny 2, which, as we’ve known for some time now, will reset players back to square one. All of the weapons, loot, and powers acquired through the course of the first game have been destroyed or are otherwise inaccessible.

“Destiny 2 is a game that opens with loss,” Director Luke Smith said as he described the opening sequence. “In one fell swoop, players will lose their powers, they’ll lose their home, and maybe the saddest of all, they will lose their vaults—I just need a minute for fatebringer—And it’s all taken by Dominus Ghaul, the leader of the Red Legion.”

The Red Legion’s commander, Dominus Ghaul, believes that he and his forces are most worthy of wielding the Traveler’s light. Jealous of the guardians, Ghaul leads his armada in the sacking of The Last City. During the battle, he launches a containment field around the Traveler, severing the Guardians’ connection to the light, thereby eliminating the source of their powers.

With their sites set on establishing a new jumping off point for the series, Bungie has introduced several new mechanics in the game. For example, the weapon slots have been redesigned to allow for a greater level of player choice.

Instead of a primary and secondary weapon slots, the new system features a slot for Kinetic weapons and one for Energy weapons. According to Smith, this means that players could effectively equip two of the same kind of weapons, provided their type is different.

The Heavy weapon slot remains largely the same. That said, there was much more variety shown in the kinds of heavy weaponry players will have access to. From what we saw in the footage, there were rocket launchers, miniguns, grenade launchers, missile pod launchers, and more.

With limited access to light, players will make use of new abilities and supers. For Warlocks, this means that the time of the Dawnblade has arrived. They wield a flaming sword imbued with the Sun’s light. As Titans take on the role of Sentinels, they go all Captain America, summoning a shield which they can use to defend, tackle, or throw. Hunter Arcstriders can harness the power of a mystical staff weapon, which emphasizes their focus on speed and athleticism.

Destiny 2 will have new locations and worlds to visit, and along with them comes a whole new approach to adventuring. On Earth, players will visit the European Deadzone, which was originally a part of the first Destiny before being cut. Elsewhere in the Solar system, the methane oceans of Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon, are waiting to be explored. Io, a moon of Jupiter, was the last place touched by the Traveler and is steeped in mythology and mystery. Lurking in the dark space beyond Pluto, we have Nessus, which has been all but consumed by the enigmatic Vex as they convert it into one of their machine worlds.

Arriving at these locations has been streamlined in Destiny 2. Your destination and activity interface can be launched from anywhere. You’ll no longer need to first jump to orbit before initiating an activity. Regarding the kinds of activities you can participate in; Bungie has added a whole bunch of new ones and refined many of the old ones.

In addition to missions, patrols, public events, loot chests, and resources making a comeback, the locations are filled with all sorts of new stuff to do. Treasure maps will lead players on a hunt for special rewards. There are new Lost Sectors to discover as well. You’ll meet new characters with their own stories who’ll offer side-missions and other adventures to participate in.

There’s also going to be new encounters, new hidden locations, and new rewards. Speaking specifically about the aforementioned Lost Sectors, Smith said that characters will mark their location on your map. In these Zelda-like dungeons, you’ll find a locked cache of treasure and a boss that holds the key.

Speaking of which; did you catch that? There will actually be a map this time around. It’ll display activities where and when they’re going to happen. This will address several issues from the previous game. For instance, players will no longer have to drive around the map waiting for a public event to start. Now, you’ll know exactly where to be.

Destiny 2 pre-orders are now live. Doing so will grant you early access to the Beta when it becomes available. The game is officially scheduled to release on September 8. We expect a lot more to be revealed at E3, though, so we’ll keep you posted.

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