Check Out This Electronic Paper ‘Magic Calendar’

The unstoppable march of technological progress defines this modern age. Still, there are certain relics from our time before the rise of smartphones that many of us hang onto—even if only to actually physically interact with them. That’s the idea behind the Magic Calendar.

The electronic paper calendar was showcased in Japan earlier this month and approved for further development through Google’s Android Experiments. The program allows designers to pitch new android-based gadget ideas.

Japanese product designer, Kosho Tsuboi, came up with the design. The Magic Calendar, as he calls it, would work by syncing with a smartphone. This would allow for it to be updated from anywhere. It was designed as a way to quickly and efficiently check your schedule while retaining the tactile and aesthetic appeal of having a physical calendar in your home or office.

While the product is still in development, I think that, as technology development progresses and these types of products are developed, the boundary between analog and digital things will disappear. – Kosho Tsuboi

The product is still very much in the design phase, so details about how the device actually works are scarce. The foundation of the technology appears to rely on high-resolution electronic paper. E-paper looks and feels similar to real paper and the display even reflects light in the same way, rather than relying on a backlit flat panel display.

From the video above, it appears that the Magic Calendar will display your schedule, notes, and things like photos and other media. It also seems like the calendar will be capable of displaying animated content, or even perhaps video.

There’s no schedule release date for the gadget as of now, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for you.

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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Shawn Gallagher
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