Bungie Reveals Much-Needed Clan Feature For Destiny 2

Today, Bungie held their official gameplay premier for the highly anticipated Destiny 2. The trailer below gives us our first look at the upcoming MMO FPS, and boy does it look good. During the reveal event Bungie offered new details about the game, including official clan support.

The new system, which is being called “Guided Games,” will allow solo players to easily find clans in need of more members to take on end-game content such as Raids or Nightfall missions. So if a group of four or five need one or two more, players on their own can join them. This feature is no doubt a response to the fact that only about half of the players who reached the level cap in the original Destiny actually completed a raid.

The other big news given during today’s Destiny 2 livestream has to do with how you’ll launch the PC version. Instead of going with Steam, Activision-Blizzard will require using their own service (previosly Battle.net) to launch Destiny 2. It makes sense that Activision would do it this way,even if plenty of their PC games are on Steam.

Destiny 2 arrive September 8th on PS4, PC, and Xbox One, with exclusive content coming to PS4 at least until Fall 2018. Bungie will also be hosting an open beta this summer, which you can access early if you pre-order the game.

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