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Best WiFi Extenders for Long Range: The Top 2 Internet Boosters to Buy

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Are you looking for the best WiFi extenders for long range to get a better internet signal, but don’t have the time to spend hours on the research? Then you’ve arrived at the right place. Here you’ll find two of the best WiFi extenders for long range on the market: Schee MSRM US300 and the Reidabu MSRM US750.

Both of these internet boosters are of a high quality, and certainly worth your attention. However, in order to decide between the two we’ll take a detailed look at each one and determine what features each one brings to the table.

However, you also need to be aware of how to select a WiFi extender that is well suited for long range. By understanding the factors that contribute to a great long range WiFi extender you can have an easier time selecting one.

Pay attention to the number of antennas on offer. The more the better, and it helps if they are external as opposed to internal ones. A larger number of antennas allows the signal range to be increased and multiple devices can be connected at the same time.

Is 2.4GHz available? this is an important question to ask because it allows for further penetration than the 5GHz band, but it comes at a cost of a lower upper bandwidth limit. However, if the upper limit is exceeding what the internet provider offers then it isn’t an issue.

Don’t feel like these WiFi extenders we’ve listed below meet your requirements? Then you can get access to even more internet boosters by taking a look at our top 10 WiFi Extenders article. You can also check out our article for recommended long range wireless routers you should buy if that would suit you better.

Now moving on, be sure to pay careful attention to the specific features of both the Schee MSRM US300 and the Reidabu MSRM US750 to decide which ones is the best option for you. However, you can’t go wrong with either option as you’ll learn from this review.

Best WiFi Extenders for long range (Best Price)

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Schee MSRM US300 300Mbps Wireless-N WiFi Long Range Repeater, With 360 Degree...

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The Schee MSRM US300 can do the job of providing you an increased range over your current WiFi router. If you have been frustrated with the quality of your connection for specific pockets of your home, then this WiFi extender does the job well of increasing that range. For example, is there a room in the attic, the basement, or regular WiFi users in the garden? All of these locations can typically be hard to receive a good quality signal at. However, with the Schee MSRM US300 this problem can be a thing of the past.

This router only operates at the 2.4GHz band, so make sure your WiFi router also supports this band. Most do so this shouldn’t be a problem. The 2.4GHz band allows for further penetration than the 5GHZ band, so it’s ideal that this one is used to achieve the longest signal range.

The maximum speed of this WiFi extender is 300Mbps, which is around the average for the WiFi extenders on the market. However, keep in mind that the WiFi extenders cannot boost the speed of your signal. They can only take the current signal from your WiFi router and broadcast it to the desired location.

This WiFi unit does not have any external antennas, and has a simple box type visual appearance. This allows the WiFi extender to take a smaller amount of space, and it will blend in well into the surroundings of a room. If interior décor is something you care about then this unit has a simple enough look to not stand out in an odd way. Alternatively, if you have an electrical outlet behind a piece of furniture, then you can locate the WiFi extender there. A single piece of furniture will not do much to decrease the quality of the signal.

What kind of household can benefit from a WiFi extender the most? If you have a home that is large in size and has a specific compartments where the signal is weak then you can benefit from a WiFi extender. For example, do you like to enjoy a WiFi signal on your laptop in your garden during the summer time? You could use an extension lead to locate the WiFi extender in your garden. This gives you a very strong signal outdoors. Since this is a long range WiFi extender you can count on it to provide connectivity for a large garden.

Worried that your neighbors will take advantage of the long range signal that the Schee MSRM US300 emits? Don’t be, this unit comes with the ability to secure the WiFi signal with a password. If you keep the password to yourself then others in the area will not be able to take advantage of your internet connection.

Worried that the Schee MSRM US300 won’t be able to handle demanding tasks? Don’t be, you’ll be able to stream 4K Netflix videos, and game without lag. The quality of the signal will not let you down for the most demanding of tasks, even if multiple users are taking advantage of the signal at the same time.

In conclusion the Schee MSRM US300 the does the job well of being a long range WiFi extender that’s dependable. It is priced at a competitive and affordable price when compared to the other WiFi extenders in the marketplace. The only disadvantage is that the 5HGz band isn’t available, but that might not be an issue anyway as that band isn’t suited for long range anyway.

So what are you waiting for, pick up the Schee MSRM US300 to avoid further frustration in specific areas of your home when it comes to receiving a reliable and strong internet connection.

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Runner-up for best long range WiFi Extender

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Reidabu MSRM US750 Long WiFi Range Extender 360 degree Full coverage High...

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The Reidabu MSRM US750 is another excellent long range WiFi router that offers excellent value for the amount of money that it is charging. Do you need a long range WiFi router that can solve the problem of providing a signal to the far reaches of your home? The Reidabu MSRM US750 was built for this task, and you’ll be impressed with the quality of the resulting internet connection.

This unit has some advantages over the Schee MSRM US300 unit we reviewed previously, but at the higher price point that is to be expected. One of them is the ability to connect using the 5GHz band. However, this is not recommended if you are trying to squeeze out the maximum range from this WiFi extender. The 2.4GHz provides double the range as the 5HGz, but at a lower speed. These are things you need to keep in mind when setting up your internet connection.

The maximum bandwidth that Reidabu MSRM US750 can deliver is 750Mpbs, which is faster than the 300Mbps that the Schee MSRM US300 provides. Keep in mind that the WiFi extender cannot increase the bandwidth of the WiFi router you have. It can only take the existing signal and rebroadcast it for improved strength in the desired area. So if your WiFi router doesn’t have a bandwidth capability of over 300Mbps you will not get the advantage of faster speeds this WiFi extender provides over the last one we reviewed.

This WiFi extender has two external antennas, which is standard at this price point. The power of these antennas ensures that the distance will cover a wide enough area to meet your demands. Of course even more antennas would be better, but at the budget price point you really cannot complain.

The “plug and play” feature means that you can easily install the WiFi extender without any need to use a CD. You can have the network running in minutes, so if you are not tech-savvy you will certainly be grateful for how easy they have made it to install this unit.

This WiFi extender has the capability to allow for 4K video streaming or play games over the internet with people around the world without lag. Do multiple members of the household like to use the internet heavily at the same time? Not a problem, this WiFi extender can allow for simultaneous connectivity of heavy internet users.

Who can benefit most from the Reidabu MSRM US750? A household that has compartments where the WiFi router is unable to reach with a strong signal. Also it would be ideal if your WiFi router has a maximum bandwidth of 750Mpbs as that is also the maximum bandwidth of this WiFi extender. Furthermore, if you want to take advantage of both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands then this is for you. Finally, this is a long range extender so if the area you want to provide the signal to is large then this unit is perfect.

In conclusion, the Reidabu MSRM US750 is an affordable WiFi extender that provides a long range solution to improving the signal range. At the competitive price point this unit is a no-brainer if you need to make a network improvement. The combination of two powerful antennas, top speed of 750Mbps, and quick installation means the Reidabu MSRM US750 is consumer friendly. There is no need to have frustrations with you signal strength anymore when you can add this unit to your home network.



Now that we have taken a look at the best WiFi extenders for long range, it is time to decide which one to buy. The Schee MSRM US300 and the Reidabu MSRM US750 both have a number of common features that we can take a look at now:

  • Long range signal improvement: first of it has to be said that both of these units to an excellent job of improving the current WiFi router signal at the long range level. You will not struggle to have the signal boosted to a large new area of your home.
  • 4K streaming: do you enjoy 4K video streaming on a regular basis? Not a problem with the best WiFi extenders for long range. You can enjoy the latest Netflix movies and TV series with these WiFi extenders.
  • Small design: both WiFi extenders have a compact design that allows them to be neatly installed in any room. Let’s say you have an electrical outlet behind the couch, you can pull back the couch a few inches and have the unit installed in a concealed manner.

There is a price different between the Schee MSRM US300 and the Reidabu MSRM US750. The latter costs more, but it does come with some additional features. Therefore, you need to ask yourself: is it worth paying the extra money for those features?

The Reidabu MSRM US750 provides connectivity via the 5GHz band in addition to the 2.4GHz one, whereas the Schee MSRM US300 is limited to the 2.4GHz band. If you have a router that supports 5GHz connectivity then there is an advantage to purchasing the Reidabu unit. Just keep in mind that the 5GHz band has half the penetration of the 2.4GHz, so if long range is paramount stick with the lower frequency setting.

Also the Reidabu MSRM US750 has an upper bandwidth limit of 750Mpbs, which is 450Mpbs faster than the Schee MSRM US300 model. The speed you can take advantage of might depend on the WiFi router you have installed and also the speed your internet provider is offering you.

Finally, the Reidabu MSRM US750 has two external antennas, whereas the other model has no external antennas. This might provide an improvement in long range connectivity.

To conclude, both the Schee MSRM US300 and the Reidabu MSRM US750 are some of the best WiFi extenders for long range on the market at the budget end of the price scale. Invest in a unit or two right away to improve the connectivity of your home network if you’ve had problems thus far.


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