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Hello and welcome to The Gizmo Life which is a website that provides a list of the best gadgets, gaming accessories, and other electronics. We focus a lot on providing informative product articles for everything tech related. We write for those of you who don’t have the time to research and figure out which are the best gadgets and gizmos to buy.

The Gizmo Life was founded and launched in February of 2017. Even though our focus is writing about the best gadgets and electronic accessories, we also provide Gaming News, Gadget and Tech News, as well as Opinion articles, How To Guides, Comparison Guides, and more.

What does the Gizmo Life recommend?

Everything we recommend is well researched and updated regularly. We want to make finding exactly what you need as simple and quick as possible. So we present products written in detail as well as provide you with embedded boxes with tabbed sections for Product, Features, and Photos. That way you can easily find what you are looking for fast.

Best gaming accessories for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo

We recommend things like:

  • Everyday headphones and Bluetooth headsets
  • PlayStation accessories
  • Xbox accessories
  • Nintendo accessories
  • Gaming headsets
  • 4K TVs for gaming and everyday use
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Video games to play
  • and much more…

A lot of the products we recommend are things that we love and even own. Most of the time when we’re looking for new gadgets and electronics to buy for ourselves or loved ones we refer to our already established product articles. It’s very helpful for us when it comes to Holiday shopping as well! It’s always a great sign when you know that the people who work on the website also use the website to find the best gadgets and electronics themselves.

Do you only recommend expensive tech and gadget products?

Absolutely not. As a matter of fact the majority of the gadgets, gaming accessories, and other electronics we recommend are very affordable. A lot of them are best selling items because the products are a happy medium of affordability and quality.

We also like to provide readers with multiple options when it comes to our product recommendations. For example we have an buyer’s guide that discusses the best wireless routers to buy this year. We also have a buyer’s guide for the best gaming headset. Each one of these buyer’s guides has even more specific articles that our readers can refer to. So if you’re looking for budget WiFi routers or budget gaming headsets instead of a massive buyer’s guide we have that available for you.

The most expensive products are not always the best and the cheapest electronics are not always the worst. As a matter of fact you’d be surprised how many best selling electronics are actually inexpensive and of really good quality.

Why do you always say ‘Best’ in your articles?

When we talk about the best gadgets, the best gaming accessories, or the best electronics, it’s always subjective. What we recommend are what we and many other consumers feel are the best products on the market today. When we write our articles we not only take into consideration our own personal research, our experience with the product (if we own it), we also consider consumer reviews.

Have you ever had to scour the review sections of product pages to reassure yourself what you are buying is exactly what you want? It’s time consuming, boring, and tedious. But it’s well worth it in the end. We do a lot of this to make sure what we recommend is well received by the majority or consumers. Just relying on our own experiences and research is not a true complete picture.

So again, when we say ‘the best PlayStation 4 accessories to buy’, we are talking about what a majority of people, including ourselves consider to be the best. This helps makes things easier for you when you find some of the top rated and best selling products written about in our recommendation articles. Who really wants a list of the worst or most mediocre products you can find anyways?

Are there other sites similar to The Gizmo Life you’d recommend?

Absolutely! There are a lot of sites that provide excellent content that we frequent and trust.

Here are some of them:

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What if the electronics I’m looking for are not listed on your site?

Our site is still in its infancy. We always have people working on articles and updating The Gizmo Life. If there is a certain product you think we should be recommending to others you can always let us know by contacting us.

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