343 Industries Suspected That Halo Fans Would Be Disappointed at E3

343 was a no-show at E3 this year, but we knew that going in. Still, fans remained hopeful that the studio would have something to show at Microsoft’s presentation. Alas, many left the conference disappointed. In fact, Halo’s Community Manager, Brian Jarrard, has revealed that they pretty much knew that would be the case.

Taking to the weekly blog post for Halo, Jarrard explained his thoughts heading into E3. “This was the first time returning to E3 in a few years so I was personally super excited to get the opportunity to go back–even though it was going to be an odd show for Halo and 343 and I fully expected a lot of disappointed fans at the lack of new hotness in the keynote,” he wrote.

As it turns out, 343 was present during the Xbox show, albeit in a very small way. You may recall the above image of Master Chief’s helmet from the conference. After the presentation concluded, 343 did make “an announcement for some upcoming Halo Wars 2 content.

The lack of Halo news at Microsoft’s event really boils down to one simple truth; the game is just not ready to be shown off yet. Despite this, Jarrard knows that “the Halo community at large had a slightly different take” from the Xbox stage show than was hoped.

Don’t worry, Halo will have its grand moments again for sure, but it’s actually kind of nice to have a breather and let the team stay heads down working on what’s next that’ll be ready when it’s ready.

— Brian Jarrard, Halo Community Manager

As it stands, it’ll be some time before Microsoft is fully ready to make a splash with Halo 6. Though we know for sure that it’s coming, they stated earlier this month that they’re not going to be ready to talk about the game for “quite some time.”

Shawn Gallagher

Shawn Gallagher

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